A Corona Halloween

When the squash you want is taller than you…

Happy (day after) Halloween!

Halloween looked a little different this year for everyone, but we still made the best of it. Every year we usually are at one costume party, or another, or out trick or treating with friends and family. With Hadley being a little too young to go out trick or treating, and parties not yet safe for our high-risk family, we still made yesterday as fun as we could for her to celebrate her second Halloween!

Hadley dressed up as a New England Patriots cheerleader, but as New England weather is chilly this time of year, it was very cold to wear her costume all day. So instead, we opted for an all day pajama party! We watched old and new Disney Halloween movies, including my favorites : Hocus Pocus and all of the Halloweentown movies! We made cocoa and a yummy breakfast, built a pillow fort in the living room, and laughed the day away!

Now to start decorating for Christmas! 🎄

Our New Normal

Happy Monday! I’m not usually the person who’s that excited about the first work day of the week, but with the new schedule we have I’m suddenly a “Monday person”, who knew?

With Hadley, my husband and myself all being considered “high risk” during these weird times, it’s a blessing that I am able to work my full time job from the safety of my own home. As weird as this sounds, I actually accomplish more work while being home! Not having to deal with the crazy traffic that takes away anywhere from 2 to 2 and a half hours of my days, I’m able to spend more time focused on my work, spending invaluable time with Hadley and actually keeping up with all of our laundry!

The moments I get to experience with Hadley – witnessing all of her firsts, her excitement and her energy, is the best part of this new normal we have going for us. I never thought a favorite part of my day would be spending my lunch break watching Paw Patrol and watching my toddler dress up like her mama with her little purse and her Paw Patrol hat that she just had to have! These times I will have forever etched into my mind; I never want to take any of this for granted!

I remind myself every day to focus on the positives around me, and to put my energy into the things that I can control. I feel for every mama out there that’s overwhelmed juggling work, being a homeschool teacher, being a mom and just trying to navigate our ever-changing world. We’re all in this together, so be kind to one another and show some love because you never know what someone else’s battle is.

Stay healthy and safe!


A Scare in a Pandemic

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written, mostly because it’s been challenging finding a new normal with our new routines during this crazy time! I’ve missed keeping you all up to date on Hadley’s happenings and the milestones we reach, so I decided to make the time to start writing again, sharing our messy, stressful, beautiful life!

We’ll start with the day in June that my mama instincts went into full effect. We had a normal day playing outside and exploring, followed up by a quick run to the grocery store. Hadley hadn’t been acting like herself all day – very sleepy, not hungry at all, not really feeling like doing much. I attributed this to the joys of teething and semi brushed it off. In the pit of my stomach I knew it could be more, but I tried not to overthink too much. She didn’t feel warm, and no other symptoms so it must be teething, right? I wish it was.

When we pulled into the driveway after our supermarket adventure, I opened Hadley’s door to see her convulsing aggressively in her car seat. I quickly unbuckled her and tried to get her to come to. The shaking suddenly stopped, but she wouldn’t make eye contact and wouldn’t respond to us. She was burning up so we rushed her inside and put a cold washcloth on the back of her neck and continued trying to get her back to normal. After just a couple of minutes, she passed out and went unconscious in my arms. We called 911 and I’ve never ran faster in my life down to the ambulance with her. The paramedics were angels and were so great with Hadley. They first took her temperature and she finally woke up, confused as to where she was. Her temp in the ambulance was very high, so off we went to the hospital for her to get checked out.

Once we arrived, we were put into a room and the nurses came in to triage her. Her temperature was 104 degrees Fahrenheit and her blood sugar was in the 200’s. The first steps were getting her temperature down and get her some fluids. They swabbed her for Covid-19 and luckily, that came back negative. The doctor came in and explained to us that what happened was that Hadley had a febrile seizure. Basically, she went from having a normal temperature to a fever too quickly and her body didn’t know how to react to that. Because of that, it caused her blood sugar to spike to try to help protect her body.

After many hours at the hospital, Hadley’s temp started trending in the right direction, her blood sugar regulated and we were able to go home. The next few days we spent following up with her pediatrician, constantly checking her temperature and keeping up with alternating medicine to keep her fever down. The pediatrician explained to us that it was just a mild virus and to keep an eye on her in the future because the seizures could happen again, but she’ll eventually grow out of them. 5 days later, Hadley was back to her bubbly, silly, sweet self and her fever broke! My baby had her first sickness and momma had the first of I’m sure, many panic-inducing moments.

When you’re expecting a baby, you think you’ve prepared enough for motherhood. You read the books, you memorize the articles, you buy all of the things that promise to keep your little one safe. I did all of that. But being a parent is hard, man! Those little people pull at every heart string we have and that fierce instinct to protect them takes over in a heartbeat and is so strong that you feel you could take on all of the bad guys in the world and come out victorious. I now embrace that instinct to the fullest, and will forever, knowing that I will never know it all. And that’s okay!

Stay healthy and safe and remember to wash ya hands!! XOXO

We’re back! And we’re quarantined!

Long time, no blog! I have been pretty quiet on here lately, mostly because life has been crazy! Things have settled down a bit, so I’m so happy to be back writing!

We have so much to catch up on, but for starters let’s talk about this quarantine, amiright? Since this scary time has started, it’s been constant change around here. Both my husband and I started working remotely from home since about the third week in March and we know that we are so fortunate to have jobs that we are able to do that. Being in healthcare and my husband being an engineer it’s not very often that these professions can still be productive from home, but we’re making it work!

With all of the shut downs of schools and daycare centers, comes the change of having Hadley home with us 24/7. I honestly couldn’t be happier!! I miss her so much during the week, and it’s such a blessing to be home with her while she’s going through all of her big milestones and we’re nearing her first birthday (cue the tears 😭)

Speaking of Hadley, she just turned 11 months old! I still can’t believe how fast time is going by and that in less than a month from now my tiny baby girl will officially be a toddler!! It’s bittersweet because on one hand I’m so sad that my baby won’t technically be a baby anymore, and that we’ll have to postpone her birthday party given everything that’s happening in the world, and on the other hand I’m so excited to keep watching her learn more everyday and continue to grow into the smart, sweet, kind, funny, sassy little girl I’m lucky enough to call my daughter.

I can’t wait to get back into writing more often, again and share all of our big moments with you all! Stay healthy, safe and home 💕

“Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…”

I feel like lately my life has been one mini-meltdown after the next. With working full time, a feisty/sassy/needy six month old, moving to a new home, and everything that comes with life in general, there’s been more times than I can count in the past month where I just wanted to hide somewhere and have five whole minutes to just breathe.

This past weekend we moved into our new home. Neither my husband or I took any time off of work so we had to get it all done in the fastest weekend ever. I don’t think the word “stressful” even begins to cover it! We had some set backs right before the move that were stressful and the things that kept me from absolutely losing my mind this week were the smiles on my favorite girl’s face and hugs from my wonderful husband. We powered through it and with the help of our amazing families we were able to keep Hadley entertained so we could take care of the heavy lifting!

It’s still crazy now; I have boxes lining each wall waiting to be unpacked. Both my husband and I are working 40+ hours a week. Take out has been on the menu more times than I’d like to admit. And you know what? I’m okay with those boxes being there for now and focusing on being there for my teething, fussy baby when she needs me instead of unpacking one more box. I know that the rest of our things will be put away in their places in time and we’ll get our new home in order. I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff, not to try to get everything on my list done in a day – because it’s not realistic. I’m learning to embrace the needy-moments when all Hadley wants is just cuddles because it won’t be this way forever. Im learning to be more in the moment. To find the good and happy in whatever the universe hands us.

Becoming a mom, I’ve learned that it’s not as easy as people make it look. It’s the most exhausting, emotional, terrifying thing I’ve ever done. At the same time, it’s also the most beautiful, fun and eye-opening miracle I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve gained a whole new respect for all of the mom-figures I have in my life and I’m so thankful for the lessons my perfect little one has taught and continues to teach me every day.

Survival of the Tooth Arrival

When the teething gets tough, we reach for the hard stuff!
*No babies were intoxicated in the making of this photo*

Well, as expected, we’re still slowly getting used to our ever-changing life! Juggling the many tasks that seem to forever be marked on my mental to-do list (that just keeps growing!) is not a task for the weak! I can’t thank the heavens enough for my amazing husband that’s been my rock and saving grace during this transition into being a working mama.

Now to the babes. Teething. Enough said, right? It’s tough. It’s full of drool, sleepless nights (for all involved), cranky babies and parents alike, and being used as a human teething ring (RIP my fingers).

Hadley has been teething here and there for about a month or so. It started with the increase in drool and then the yelling and chewing (aggressively!) on anything that’s in her or her poor mouth’s reach. This girl has 2 teeth coming in at once on the bottom and one on the top. Much like her dad, she has to go above and beyond with her tasks!

We started using a teething necklace from Baltic essentials and it’s made a huge difference! (I even got one for myself, because we can all use some added mental and physical clarity 💆🏼‍♀️) I attached the link at the end of the post for anyone looking for some teething relief or anxiety relief! Trust me, it makes a difference the day you forget to put it on)

Other than the teething necklace, “survival of the teeth arrival” has consisted of frozen washcloths, refrigerated teething rings, frozen pacifiers and lots of cuddles for my little! As much as I wish for this phase to quickly come and go so we can get back to sleeping through the nights and not to be used as a chew toy for my daughter, I remember one important thing I was told while I was pregnant. “Enjoy every second because it goes by so fast”. Every mom, dad, grandparent and friend who spoke these words to me was 100% right. These days are flying by. I cried as I packed away Hadley’s newborn clothes and still wonder when my itty bitty baby girl turned into a babbling, rolling, trying-to-crawl baby, who’s no longer considered a “newborn”.

So for now, I’ll be the hand she’s gnawing on, and the one to give her the cuddles she craves to feel better, because I know that one day I will miss these exhausting, drool-covered days.

P.S. here’s that link I promised!


Getting used to change

It’s been a while! I’ve been meaning to write a lot more than I have the past couple of weeks, but life has been nothing short of, well, a bit on the chaotic side! All good things, but busy nonetheless. My wonderful husband has been working crazy amounts of overtime at his job before his busy season comes to an end, meaning we have to tweak our routines to adjust.

Speaking of routines, my side of things has done a complete 180! I’m so happy to announce that I started my dream job 2 weeks ago. I have a normal schedule now so we have more time to spend as a family! It’s been crazy getting everyone used to the new and exciting changes, but Hadley still isn’t a fan of getting up and ready at 5am (but really, who would be?!).

It’s going to take time, and changing little bits of the routine to get a perfect fit for what works for us, but we’ll get it all right soon enough! In the meantime, we’re just praying that Hadley will go back to sleeping through the night and break through those two teeth she’s been working so hard on! (More on that later this week!)

Have a wonderful Sunday, and a great week! We know we will! ❤️

Teething Troubles

Growing all of those teeth is exhausting! 😴

Well, it’s officially begun. The oceans of drool, the low grade fever, the constant chewing on everything she can get her little hands on. My teeny tiny baby isn’t so teeny anymore, and she’s getting those teeth in!

The past few weeks its been a race between what’s worse: the drool covering everything (including both cats-they’re not thrilled) or the chewing on everything (including fingers-both hers and whoever’s hands are within reach). It’s constant outfit changes because one or all of us look like we fell in a puddle, and matching bibs to every single outfit for some extra protection!

Luckily we’ve found some relief in a couple of things! First, is her Baltic amber anklet! I was pretty skeptical at first (how in the world would a piece of cute jewelry actually help teething symptoms?!), but hear me out. It works like a charm. The natural oils of the Baltic amber absorb into her skin with her body heat and naturally relieve her teething pain and decreases drooling! Within just a couple of days of her wearing it we’ve seen such a difference, and the days I forgot to put it on her? My sweet girl was drenched in drool and angrily chewing her poor stuffed cat’s tail off while never breaking eye contact with me 😬 I whole heartedly recommend this for teething babes of all ages (they also have cute adult bracelets/necklaces for other ailments!) and you can catch a glimpse of the anklet in other photos I’ve posted! I have attached the link at the bottom of the post for where we got ours!

The second form of relief we’ve found is, really anything cold or frozen. Simply enough, just running her normal pacifier under water and then sticking it in the freezer for a little while was instant relief for her angry gums. Another super simple technique is to take a clean washcloth (we use her baby washcloths because they’re much gentler!), run it under water and freeze it for a while. The soft, cold material is perfect for Hadley because she seems to prefer chewing on things that are softer! We also invested in a teething bead toy that can attach to the handle of her stroller while we’re on the go so she can gnaw as much as she’d like without losing it!

Now that we have two teeth that have broken through, I’m sure the rest aren’t too far behind. I just have to accept the fact that I will forever smell of drool and baby breath, but that’s okay because it’s just another new adventure that we’ll take on one tooth at a time!

P.S. here’s that link for the anklet/necklace I promised! Happy shopping! balticessentials.com

Workin’ Mama

Happy Saturday! This day couldn’t come fast enough for me! Why, you ask? Well, because this past Monday was my first day back to work after spending 4 of the shortest months ever on maternity leave.

Monday was, well, rough to say the least. I cried going to bed Sunday night, when I got up Monday morning, the entire time I was getting ready, (pulled myself together for a whopping 15 minutes so I could see while driving Hadley to my parents house), only to let the flood gates open up yet again as I was leaving, and continued my sob fest until I pulled into work. I was just a little emotional, you could say!

I was more than fortunate to get 16 weeks of maternity leave, but it’s never easy going back to work. My hours are weird at my job, and it’s not the closest to our home, so that added a whole other level of nervousness for me. Hadley did amazing this week tho! I also was much less of a basket case by the end of the week which is always a plus! Hadley’s starting to get used to our new routine, and being her goofy, smiley self all day long! She’s so comfortable with her new routine, in fact, that she woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning because she thought it was party time! I’ll take it tho, because that just means I get more cuddles today. Now, we’ll enjoy our two days off before we have to do it all over again come Monday!

The Things They Don’t Tell You About Postpartum Life

It’s been a few days since I have posted, and mostly it was because I was too anxious. Not in the, “I’m too excited or slightly overwhelmed” anxious, that’s talked about lightly. This has been the anxiety that makes it near impossible to leave bed, brush your hair, or complete any normal task.

I felt it coming on a couple of weeks ago, the way my anxiety attacks normally come about: the nagging feeling that “something isn’t quite right”, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly is wrong. I did what I have done since I was 17, which is to just push it down and try to distract myself so I don’t get lost in my imagination and make things worse. Usually, that keeps it at bay for a little while, lasting only 2-3 weeks at a time until I finally feel like myself again.

This is the first anxiety attack that I’ve had postpartum. I think I’ve just been too distracted that pushing those fears and negative thoughts down for so long, I finally exploded from the volcano-like pressure. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I just wanted to stay in my little cocoon and not talk to anyone or see anyone. It wasn’t until I found myself breaking down in tears every single day for 2 weeks that I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and finally realized that it was time to ask for help.

Maybe it was my pride, or fear of admitting that there was something wrong with me that has kept me from reaching out to my doctor about my anxiety for so many years, but whatever it was that was keeping me from seeking the help my chemical imbalance was begging for, it hit the road once I looked at my perfect little girl. I realized that she needs me to be the healthiest, happiest, version of myself for her.

So I made the call to my doctor and went in for an appointment. I word-vomited every single emotion that was running through my body and told him how I don’t feel like me. He listened, he gave advice, he prescribed me a medicine that will help regulate the chemicals in my brain that otherwise are all over the place, and most importantly he made sure I know that I’m not alone. I’m not crazy. I’m normal. “I’m normal”. That one phrase is what stuck out to me the most. My anxiety and postpartum depression do not define me. They are the result of a hormone imbalance that can be resolved. It’s not going to last forever.

I’m so incredibly happy that I made the decision to call my doctor. I was relieved to learn that more women go through this than I had realized, and that hormone fluctuations and ppa/ppd are NORMAL. Going through all of this made me wish I had reached out sooner, but all in all I’m now on my way to becoming the best version of myself for not only me, but to be the best mom I can be to Hadley.