Hangry, Hangry Hadley

Hadley and I started our day extremely early this morning! Awakened by the tiny babe before the birds were even up, we were changed, dressed, and out the door at 4:30am. Something that has been a major help for me in these postpartum days while on maternity leave is the plan of getting up and dressed in the morning and having somewhere to go and a schedule to keep. Every so often, one of these plans is to drive with my husband to work. He works about an hour away from where we live, so it’s a nice drive to take as a family and allows us to have adult conversations uninterrupted (always a plus!).

Once we arrived back at home at the end of the day, Hadley was definitely ready for dinner! We’ve been having some issues with her spitting up (more like projectile vomiting all over me, the floor, wall, bedspread – really anything within a 2 foot distance of us). After buying out and trying every brand of bottle available at our local Target, we landed on the Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic bottles (which have helped tremendously).

Still having some *ahem* gassy situations, we decided to see if switching her formula would provide any sort of relief. I breastfeed during the day (and pump at night) but we supplement with formula at night so the hubby can help out with feedings and get to bond with our baby girl as well. We had been using the Similac ProAdvance and all was well and good, but at $37.99/container it was getting a bit pricey. On a whim, (and a little nudge from a coupon I stumbled upon) we decided to try the Up & Up Advantage infant formula with iron, (Target’s off brand) and we are pleasantly surprised with the outcome! We’ve been having less tummy troubles and it’s almost half the price per container (about the same size as the one we were buying before) which earns bonus points for this “broad on a budget”!

My tiny gremlin is fed, burped, and changed which makes for a much less hangry girl!

Now, to get all of that laundry folded before we’re doing it all again!

6 thoughts on “Hangry, Hangry Hadley

  1. Keep your head up your doing great … Glad trying new things seem to be helping … Has u tried the gas tablets they dissolve in her formula . They are amazing. They also sell teething ones … Good luck 👍

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