So today’s adventure was bananas! Baby food, bananas that is!

This little miss has taken to solids like a champ. We’ve been slowly introducing cereal and a couple different age-appropriate baby foods over the past couple of weeks since Hadley is able to sit supported. We started with adding a bit of baby oatmeal to her bottle and she was LOVING it! Adding the oatmeal also keeps Hadley fuller for a little longer, so we cut back on her little “hanger fits” she likes to throw the second her belly starts to rumble! (and this mama can get some housework done!)

The oatmeal and baby food we got is perfect because it says right on the bottom corner which milestone-level the specific food is safe for (Gerber is my new best friend lately!). In addition to the baby oatmeal, we also tried baby food bananas and they’re officially a new fave! Hadley could not get enough of them!

Today is also a special day, because Hadley is 16 weeks old! I find myself looking over at my perfect baby girl a lot today and wondering where the time is going and how she’s growing so fast. Today is definitely an emotional one for me, as I am scheduled to go back to work in a week and I am not yet ready to be apart from my babe for so many hours of the day. I want to be there for all of the milestones and the firsts, cheering her on and taking all of the pictures and having those memories etched into my mind, but I know she is in good hands while her dad and I are working to ensure she has the best life possible and a bright future full of every opportunity she can dream up.

That’s all for today! If you need me, I’ll be ugly crying at pictures from the day Hadley was born and taking in all of the extra cuddles I can get tonight!

P.S. Shout out to the super cute bib Hadley’s auntie got her in Las Vegas! Spit definitely does happen!

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