Growing like a weed

Fussiness, excessive hunger, additional bathroom breaks – sounds like me when I was pregnant with Hadley! This lovely set of symptoms, however is not coming from me, but from the teeny tiny version of me!

The past week and a half, or so, it’s been seemingly endless feedings, countless diaper changes and So. Many. Tantrums. At first, I was worried that she was coming down with a cold that’s been making its way around town. To my delight, it turns out that she was in fact going through yet ANOTHER growth spurt. Don’t get me wrong, I love how she’s growing and becoming more alert and interactive, but we barely made it through the last growth spurt with all of our sanity!

My normally docile babe usually awakes between the hours of 6-7am, sleeping through my husband’s alarms, eats a small bottle of about 6oz and dozes back off until 10-11am. We had gotten pretty good at a feeding “schedule” where she was eating every 3ish hours or so, having a diaper change before every feeding and maybe one or two messy diapers in between feedings. She’s been the most easy-going, happy-go-lucky baby thus far, so when she starts getting cranky and her “normal” routine starts shifting, I know something is up!

At just about 17 weeks old, Hadley has grown so much! We’re now in 3-6 month clothing, which is a huge step from the itty bitty newborn clothes I feel like I was just putting her in yesterday. I find myself looking over at her every night and wondering just when she got so big and how the past weeks have gone by so fast. Maybe it’s the postpartum hormones. Maybe it’s the fact that my maternity leave ends in 4 days. Whichever it is tho, it’s kicking my butt just as much as this growth spurt is kicking hers.

All I know, is that my beautiful little baby is growing into a smart, strong-willed, sassy little girl. If only time would slow down just a bit so that I can catch my breath.

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