Workin’ Mama

Happy Saturday! This day couldn’t come fast enough for me! Why, you ask? Well, because this past Monday was my first day back to work after spending 4 of the shortest months ever on maternity leave.

Monday was, well, rough to say the least. I cried going to bed Sunday night, when I got up Monday morning, the entire time I was getting ready, (pulled myself together for a whopping 15 minutes so I could see while driving Hadley to my parents house), only to let the flood gates open up yet again as I was leaving, and continued my sob fest until I pulled into work. I was just a little emotional, you could say!

I was more than fortunate to get 16 weeks of maternity leave, but it’s never easy going back to work. My hours are weird at my job, and it’s not the closest to our home, so that added a whole other level of nervousness for me. Hadley did amazing this week tho! I also was much less of a basket case by the end of the week which is always a plus! Hadley’s starting to get used to our new routine, and being her goofy, smiley self all day long! She’s so comfortable with her new routine, in fact, that she woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning because she thought it was party time! I’ll take it tho, because that just means I get more cuddles today. Now, we’ll enjoy our two days off before we have to do it all over again come Monday!

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