Teething Troubles

Growing all of those teeth is exhausting! 😴

Well, it’s officially begun. The oceans of drool, the low grade fever, the constant chewing on everything she can get her little hands on. My teeny tiny baby isn’t so teeny anymore, and she’s getting those teeth in!

The past few weeks its been a race between what’s worse: the drool covering everything (including both cats-they’re not thrilled) or the chewing on everything (including fingers-both hers and whoever’s hands are within reach). It’s constant outfit changes because one or all of us look like we fell in a puddle, and matching bibs to every single outfit for some extra protection!

Luckily we’ve found some relief in a couple of things! First, is her Baltic amber anklet! I was pretty skeptical at first (how in the world would a piece of cute jewelry actually help teething symptoms?!), but hear me out. It works like a charm. The natural oils of the Baltic amber absorb into her skin with her body heat and naturally relieve her teething pain and decreases drooling! Within just a couple of days of her wearing it we’ve seen such a difference, and the days I forgot to put it on her? My sweet girl was drenched in drool and angrily chewing her poor stuffed cat’s tail off while never breaking eye contact with me 😬 I whole heartedly recommend this for teething babes of all ages (they also have cute adult bracelets/necklaces for other ailments!) and you can catch a glimpse of the anklet in other photos I’ve posted! I have attached the link at the bottom of the post for where we got ours!

The second form of relief we’ve found is, really anything cold or frozen. Simply enough, just running her normal pacifier under water and then sticking it in the freezer for a little while was instant relief for her angry gums. Another super simple technique is to take a clean washcloth (we use her baby washcloths because they’re much gentler!), run it under water and freeze it for a while. The soft, cold material is perfect for Hadley because she seems to prefer chewing on things that are softer! We also invested in a teething bead toy that can attach to the handle of her stroller while we’re on the go so she can gnaw as much as she’d like without losing it!

Now that we have two teeth that have broken through, I’m sure the rest aren’t too far behind. I just have to accept the fact that I will forever smell of drool and baby breath, but that’s okay because it’s just another new adventure that we’ll take on one tooth at a time!

P.S. here’s that link for the anklet/necklace I promised! Happy shopping! balticessentials.com

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