Survival of the Tooth Arrival

When the teething gets tough, we reach for the hard stuff!
*No babies were intoxicated in the making of this photo*

Well, as expected, we’re still slowly getting used to our ever-changing life! Juggling the many tasks that seem to forever be marked on my mental to-do list (that just keeps growing!) is not a task for the weak! I can’t thank the heavens enough for my amazing husband that’s been my rock and saving grace during this transition into being a working mama.

Now to the babes. Teething. Enough said, right? It’s tough. It’s full of drool, sleepless nights (for all involved), cranky babies and parents alike, and being used as a human teething ring (RIP my fingers).

Hadley has been teething here and there for about a month or so. It started with the increase in drool and then the yelling and chewing (aggressively!) on anything that’s in her or her poor mouth’s reach. This girl has 2 teeth coming in at once on the bottom and one on the top. Much like her dad, she has to go above and beyond with her tasks!

We started using a teething necklace from Baltic essentials and it’s made a huge difference! (I even got one for myself, because we can all use some added mental and physical clarity 💆🏼‍♀️) I attached the link at the end of the post for anyone looking for some teething relief or anxiety relief! Trust me, it makes a difference the day you forget to put it on)

Other than the teething necklace, “survival of the teeth arrival” has consisted of frozen washcloths, refrigerated teething rings, frozen pacifiers and lots of cuddles for my little! As much as I wish for this phase to quickly come and go so we can get back to sleeping through the nights and not to be used as a chew toy for my daughter, I remember one important thing I was told while I was pregnant. “Enjoy every second because it goes by so fast”. Every mom, dad, grandparent and friend who spoke these words to me was 100% right. These days are flying by. I cried as I packed away Hadley’s newborn clothes and still wonder when my itty bitty baby girl turned into a babbling, rolling, trying-to-crawl baby, who’s no longer considered a “newborn”.

So for now, I’ll be the hand she’s gnawing on, and the one to give her the cuddles she craves to feel better, because I know that one day I will miss these exhausting, drool-covered days.

P.S. here’s that link I promised!

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