“Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…”

I feel like lately my life has been one mini-meltdown after the next. With working full time, a feisty/sassy/needy six month old, moving to a new home, and everything that comes with life in general, there’s been more times than I can count in the past month where I just wanted to hide somewhere and have five whole minutes to just breathe.

This past weekend we moved into our new home. Neither my husband or I took any time off of work so we had to get it all done in the fastest weekend ever. I don’t think the word “stressful” even begins to cover it! We had some set backs right before the move that were stressful and the things that kept me from absolutely losing my mind this week were the smiles on my favorite girl’s face and hugs from my wonderful husband. We powered through it and with the help of our amazing families we were able to keep Hadley entertained so we could take care of the heavy lifting!

It’s still crazy now; I have boxes lining each wall waiting to be unpacked. Both my husband and I are working 40+ hours a week. Take out has been on the menu more times than I’d like to admit. And you know what? I’m okay with those boxes being there for now and focusing on being there for my teething, fussy baby when she needs me instead of unpacking one more box. I know that the rest of our things will be put away in their places in time and we’ll get our new home in order. I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff, not to try to get everything on my list done in a day – because it’s not realistic. I’m learning to embrace the needy-moments when all Hadley wants is just cuddles because it won’t be this way forever. Im learning to be more in the moment. To find the good and happy in whatever the universe hands us.

Becoming a mom, I’ve learned that it’s not as easy as people make it look. It’s the most exhausting, emotional, terrifying thing I’ve ever done. At the same time, it’s also the most beautiful, fun and eye-opening miracle I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve gained a whole new respect for all of the mom-figures I have in my life and I’m so thankful for the lessons my perfect little one has taught and continues to teach me every day.

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