We’re back! And we’re quarantined!

Long time, no blog! I have been pretty quiet on here lately, mostly because life has been crazy! Things have settled down a bit, so I’m so happy to be back writing!

We have so much to catch up on, but for starters let’s talk about this quarantine, amiright? Since this scary time has started, it’s been constant change around here. Both my husband and I started working remotely from home since about the third week in March and we know that we are so fortunate to have jobs that we are able to do that. Being in healthcare and my husband being an engineer it’s not very often that these professions can still be productive from home, but we’re making it work!

With all of the shut downs of schools and daycare centers, comes the change of having Hadley home with us 24/7. I honestly couldn’t be happier!! I miss her so much during the week, and it’s such a blessing to be home with her while she’s going through all of her big milestones and we’re nearing her first birthday (cue the tears 😭)

Speaking of Hadley, she just turned 11 months old! I still can’t believe how fast time is going by and that in less than a month from now my tiny baby girl will officially be a toddler!! It’s bittersweet because on one hand I’m so sad that my baby won’t technically be a baby anymore, and that we’ll have to postpone her birthday party given everything that’s happening in the world, and on the other hand I’m so excited to keep watching her learn more everyday and continue to grow into the smart, sweet, kind, funny, sassy little girl I’m lucky enough to call my daughter.

I can’t wait to get back into writing more often, again and share all of our big moments with you all! Stay healthy, safe and home 💕

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