A Scare in a Pandemic

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written, mostly because it’s been challenging finding a new normal with our new routines during this crazy time! I’ve missed keeping you all up to date on Hadley’s happenings and the milestones we reach, so I decided to make the time to start writing again, sharing our messy, stressful, beautiful life!

We’ll start with the day in June that my mama instincts went into full effect. We had a normal day playing outside and exploring, followed up by a quick run to the grocery store. Hadley hadn’t been acting like herself all day – very sleepy, not hungry at all, not really feeling like doing much. I attributed this to the joys of teething and semi brushed it off. In the pit of my stomach I knew it could be more, but I tried not to overthink too much. She didn’t feel warm, and no other symptoms so it must be teething, right? I wish it was.

When we pulled into the driveway after our supermarket adventure, I opened Hadley’s door to see her convulsing aggressively in her car seat. I quickly unbuckled her and tried to get her to come to. The shaking suddenly stopped, but she wouldn’t make eye contact and wouldn’t respond to us. She was burning up so we rushed her inside and put a cold washcloth on the back of her neck and continued trying to get her back to normal. After just a couple of minutes, she passed out and went unconscious in my arms. We called 911 and I’ve never ran faster in my life down to the ambulance with her. The paramedics were angels and were so great with Hadley. They first took her temperature and she finally woke up, confused as to where she was. Her temp in the ambulance was very high, so off we went to the hospital for her to get checked out.

Once we arrived, we were put into a room and the nurses came in to triage her. Her temperature was 104 degrees Fahrenheit and her blood sugar was in the 200’s. The first steps were getting her temperature down and get her some fluids. They swabbed her for Covid-19 and luckily, that came back negative. The doctor came in and explained to us that what happened was that Hadley had a febrile seizure. Basically, she went from having a normal temperature to a fever too quickly and her body didn’t know how to react to that. Because of that, it caused her blood sugar to spike to try to help protect her body.

After many hours at the hospital, Hadley’s temp started trending in the right direction, her blood sugar regulated and we were able to go home. The next few days we spent following up with her pediatrician, constantly checking her temperature and keeping up with alternating medicine to keep her fever down. The pediatrician explained to us that it was just a mild virus and to keep an eye on her in the future because the seizures could happen again, but she’ll eventually grow out of them. 5 days later, Hadley was back to her bubbly, silly, sweet self and her fever broke! My baby had her first sickness and momma had the first of I’m sure, many panic-inducing moments.

When you’re expecting a baby, you think you’ve prepared enough for motherhood. You read the books, you memorize the articles, you buy all of the things that promise to keep your little one safe. I did all of that. But being a parent is hard, man! Those little people pull at every heart string we have and that fierce instinct to protect them takes over in a heartbeat and is so strong that you feel you could take on all of the bad guys in the world and come out victorious. I now embrace that instinct to the fullest, and will forever, knowing that I will never know it all. And that’s okay!

Stay healthy and safe and remember to wash ya hands!! XOXO

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