Our New Normal

Happy Monday! I’m not usually the person who’s that excited about the first work day of the week, but with the new schedule we have I’m suddenly a “Monday person”, who knew?

With Hadley, my husband and myself all being considered “high risk” during these weird times, it’s a blessing that I am able to work my full time job from the safety of my own home. As weird as this sounds, I actually accomplish more work while being home! Not having to deal with the crazy traffic that takes away anywhere from 2 to 2 and a half hours of my days, I’m able to spend more time focused on my work, spending invaluable time with Hadley and actually keeping up with all of our laundry!

The moments I get to experience with Hadley – witnessing all of her firsts, her excitement and her energy, is the best part of this new normal we have going for us. I never thought a favorite part of my day would be spending my lunch break watching Paw Patrol and watching my toddler dress up like her mama with her little purse and her Paw Patrol hat that she just had to have! These times I will have forever etched into my mind; I never want to take any of this for granted!

I remind myself every day to focus on the positives around me, and to put my energy into the things that I can control. I feel for every mama out there that’s overwhelmed juggling work, being a homeschool teacher, being a mom and just trying to navigate our ever-changing world. We’re all in this together, so be kind to one another and show some love because you never know what someone else’s battle is.

Stay healthy and safe!


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